About Us

Who are Europlus Direct?

Europlus has its Headquarters in Leeds in the UK and we have offices in Las Vegas and Sydney.

We cover all major European languages in-house so you will always be able to speak to an Account Manager in your native language. We have over 30 staff focused 100% on managing our customer’s IT support requirements.

In January 2018, The EPD Group was acquired by Annuity Management Group.

Our story…
Formed – France first market
UK and Gemany added on
All Western European markets
EPD International

EPD International set up covering 5 African markets

EPD Asia Pacific formed in Australia
EPD IT Services formed in USA
EPD Group acquired by Annuity Management Group
We have won multiple trade awards over the last few years including the following:

Your Account Managers

Regular training sessions with vendors

All our Account Managers undergo a thorough training programme to ensure that we provide you with the correct level of service from each manufacturer. They also undergo regular training sessions with vendors to ensure that they are fully up to speed on the latest offerings.

Speak to an Account Manager in your native language

We cover all major European languages in-house so you will always be able to speak to an Account Manager in your native language.

A diverse and inspiring environment

With all major European languages spoken in one office at our UK headquarters, we work in a diverse and inspiring environment – not least when we’re testing our taste buds with regular lunchtime buffets based on the latest country of choice. It’s busy too, and with monthly prizes such as holidays up for grabs for our best salespeople, it’s exciting with a competitive, but supportive edge.

And if all that fun and excitement gets too much for staff, there’s always our stress-busting monthly massage days to fall back on and enjoy!

Oh, and if any of our team is lucky enough to win a company holiday, our lovely modern offices are based right by the airport, which is handy for a quick getaway.

Our Mission

To eradicate the complexity of IT support services for our customers through our global reach and localised account management approach, keeping businesses moving around the clock.

Our Vision

Global leadership in the simplification of IT support services.

Our Values

  • Global Reach, Local Approach – we strive to speak our customers’ language
  • Think like a customer – our customers’ requirements drive everything we do, we don’t force our requirements on customers
  • Simplification – we are continually innovating to eradicate complexity
  • Staying ahead of the game – anticipating and solving challenges before they become issues

Useful Downloads

Download our Whitepaper - Partnering With A Company You Can Trust, our Worldwide Infographic, Multi-Vendor Worldwide graphic or our example Renewal Letters below.
Our experience delivers you the right solution

Trusted by over 20,000 business customers

Very proactive with their renewal notices and deliver their service in an extremely professional manner