Europlus Direct makes it easy to buy IT Services internationally.

The world can be an imposing place for IT managers buying IT services abroad. Europlus Direct helps by purchasing maintenance contracts in the countries you ship to – contracts that aren’t transferrable between countries.

Did you know that Europlus Direct has a full global reach?

Europlus Direct operates in 120+ COUNTRIES, which means you can ship to as many countries as you like. Simply, tell us where, and we tell you the services that are available to you locally. If you are shipping to 10 countries, you will receive one price quote, not 10 different quotes. In addition to one quote for your entire order, you can conduct business in the country currency of your choice. Taxes will also be based on the country of service and we handle the tax side of things, which is one less thing for you to worry about!

You’ll receive a one-off maintenance cost for your contract’s term with unlimited service calls. No matter how much work your server requires in a year, you have unlimited call-outs done at no additional charge. Call-outs include genuine parts and labour charges are included.

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