The perfect recipe for success

Neil Thubron has recently completed the Yukon Arctic Ultra challenge, a 300 mile race in Whitehorse, Canada. Why would anyone race in freezing temperatures? Well, the money raised by sponsoring Neil, helped fund an ear operation for a little girl – Grace. When at the finish line, reminiscing of the moments he endured in the race, Neil put together “the perfect recipe for success” and here it is:

Build a timeline: before you start the 7 steps that will take you to the finish line, remember where you came from and what you’ve already achieved! This will help overcoming initial fear – let’s face it can be terrifying but we’ve all achieved something!


1. Reason why? Failure at times stems from forgetting the reason you’re doing what you’re doing! Always do it for you and also live up to your commitments to others.

2. Prepare Preparation will take you from fear to confidence! Push yourself out of your comfort zone and closer to achieving your goals. How?

  • Learn from experts
  • Continue learning (research)

3. Build a plan Break down your big goal into smaller steps that you can manage.

4. Commit Turn MIGHT into MUST! Plans will forever be plans until you commit.


5. Learn and adapt Things don’t always go according to plan. So learning is an ongoing process and you must adapt to different situations.

6. Remember there will be hard times Key: DON’T PANIC! Identify what helps you handle hard times; who’s your “fan club”? The people you call for support. And what builds you up? Music? Remember what motivates you.

7. Focus If you want to achieve your big goal, focus on IT rather than the difficult journey.

We’d like to congratulate Neil on not only finishing the race but also winning it (proud sponsors). Additionally we’d like to thank him for the motivational talk.


If you’d like to know more about Neil and Grace click below: